Spa Turntable Platform

Spa Turntable Platform

Turntables need a stable, vibration-free platform to perform at their best. Without one, unwanted resonance and vibration can muddy the pristine sound of your records. With the Spa, you can avoid these issues with a simple solution that’s easy to install.

Integrated IsoAcoustics equipment isolators decouple the platform from furniture and surfaces to reduce surface vibration, which results in enhanced audio quality, detail, and clarity.

Integrated Isolators

A turntable’s sound quality can be compromised by external vibrations that are picked up by the record’s grooves, and even by the table itself. The ISO-Tone platform is specially designed to keep these unwanted vibrations away from the cherished piece of equipment, so you can hear every detail and enjoy the full range of your vinyl collection.

This platform’s patented isolation design from IsoAcoustics decouples the equipment rack, desktop or DJ case, from the supporting surface to reduce structural resonances and vibrations. It is tuned for each weight capacity through a combination of material shape, durometer and resilient viscoelastic materials, and offers a high degree of vibration isolation to protect the audio component from unwanted external disturbances.

For those who prefer a more natural anti-vibration solution, this platform is available in an option that utilizes 100% organic bamboo Spa Turntable platform slats for a classic look that also works as a simple DIY kit. These slats are also shock-absorbent to dampen vibration from outside the table, as well as internal vibrations caused by speakers pumping air, even at modest volumes.

Another premium vibration isolation system that uses a natural material is the zaZen platform from Minus K Technology. This platform combines the signature Negative-Stiffness vibration isolation from IsoAcoustics with an elegant medium gloss finish. It is sized for audio components like turntables and preamplifiers, and has a low-height design. It is a highly effective isolation solution that delivers true 1/2 Hz vertical and 1.5 Hz horizontal performance, making it ideal for reducing structural resonances and vibrations that impact the audio quality.

Dense Fiber Construction

The mass from the dense platform and integrated isolators create a high degree of isolation, allowing turntables and electronic components to perform at their best, revealing greater acoustic clarity and detail. The result is a more natural reproduction of your vinyl collection.

Using a completely organic, shock-absorbing material, zaZen absorbs the vibrations that could potentially be transmitted to conveyor belt manufacturers your turntable. This is a great DIY option for those looking for an affordable solution to decouple their turntable from structure born vibrations.

The zaZen equipment bases are designed to be placed underneath turntables and other audio components that can be sensitive to surface vibration. When used under a turntable, the zaZen equipment base will decouple it from structures such as furniture and shelves to significantly reduce structural vibrations and improve sonic performance.

Low Noise Floor

Navigating the tiny variations in vinyl’s grooves with a stylus is a delicate process and highly sensitive to vibration. While problems like footsteps and bass feedback are easily identified, many subtler vibrations can mask the full musical potential of your turntable and negatively impact the sonic quality. The DELOS butcher block from IsoAcoustics decouples your turntable from the supporting surface and dramatically diminishes structural vibrations and resonances, revealing new layers of detail and clarity.

To isolate something you need to absorb vertical and horizontal movement of the platform and maybe get rid of it by converting to heat — there are viscoelastic substances (Sorbothane footers, if properly loaded, over load them and they just couple) that can do this. But to do it right you need to be able to do it at very low frequencies, circa 4 Hz which is where the footfall vibrations occur.

MinusK makes the best isolation platforms in the world, they started making them only for scientific equipment then realized they were missing a huge market, audiophiles. They are expensive but they do work. They have mechanical filters tuned to the specific weight of your turntable that keep out all vibrations below 3 Hz. Check out their web site for more info and to find out what model your turntable will need.

Easy Installation

The zaZen platform is fully compatible with all turntables and is easy to install. Simply place the turntable on top of the Ground it equipment base. The height-adjustable design of the Ground it equipment bases will reduce negative surface vibrations to a minimum, and music playback will sound more natural and dynamic.

It’s important to decouple a turntable from both air and structure borne vibrations (footfalls, floor-borne), but doing so is not as simple as it sounds — especially at the very low frequencies where footfall vibrations occur. The acoustic design of the Ground it equipment base solves this problem, by incorporating isolators tuned to a specific weight capacity.

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