ABELL R80 Two-Way Radio Repeater

ABELL R80 Two-Way Radio Repeater

A repeater enhances radio signals by re-transmitting from a higher location and by boosting the signal’s wattage. It also filters and amplifies the received voice.

Two-way radios are often used without a repeater, but certain workplaces do require them to communicate effectively. Read on to learn more about the features of repeaters, and whether they’re right for your business.


A base station repeater is a powerful signal booster device that extends the range of two-way radios. It can increase the call quality and data speed within its coverage area, and improve user productivity by eliminating drops in connectivity. ABELL explosion-proof ATEX radio A600T-EX manufacturer’s base station repeaters are equipped with high-gain antennas to capture weak signals and boost them efficiently. They are also compact in size, so they can be installed in various settings without taking up too much space.

Whether your organization has a single site conventional system, a Linked Capacity Plus or Capacity Max trunking solution, or you are making the transition to digital, the MOTOTRBO SLR 5000 combines all of the features and functionality you need in a radio system. It offers advanced digital technology to provide MOTOTRBO™SLR 8000 BASE STATION/ REPEATER crystal-clear voice quality, reducing background noise and interference. It is compatible with all MOTOTRBO handheld and mobile radios.


Radio Repeaters are an excellent way to eliminate “dead spots” in your communication network. These dead zones are places where the signal of your handheld or mobile radio degrades over distance due to physical obstructions or the curvature of the earth. A repeater solves this issue by boosting the signal of your walkie-talkie or mobile radio, then retransmitting it on another frequency to extend its range.

DTWR strives to make two-way radio purchasing and installation as simple as possible for customers, and repeaters are no exception. Our units are programmed and ready to use right out of the box, and installation is a matter of mounting an antenna, connecting it with an antenna cable, plugging it in to a power source, and turning it on. You don’t need a master’s degree from MIT to mount one of our digital repeaters, and it shouldn’t take more than an hour to install one of these powerful devices.

The ABELL R80 digital repeater is compatible with MOTOTRBO, the industry’s leading digital two-way radio system. It operates as either a conventional single site analog repeater or a high-powered trunking digital repeater supporting Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, and Connect Plus. Choosing the right option for your business is easy, because this repeater offers flexibility for all of your communications needs.

Easy to use

A repeater extends the range of communication for two-way radios by receiving a signal on one frequency and rebroadcasting it on a different, higher frequency. The system also filters and amplifies the received signal to prevent the transmitter from interfering with the receiver.

For onsite communications, you can opt for a low-power repeater with an external antenna that supports up to 2 to 5 watts of transmitting power. This type of repeater requires a radio programmed with two way radio trader separate transmit and receive frequencies that match the transmissions of the repeater.

Those who need to communicate across several buildings or miles may benefit from a high-power repeater. Examples include large hotels, commercial businesses with multiple locations, or even law enforcement agencies with many buildings and campuses.

If you’re considering a high-power repeater with external installation, it’s important to conduct a radio coverage field test. This involves going to the desired site and communicating in a central location. This will replicate the coverage you can expect to have if the repeater antenna is installed at this location.

To conduct the field test, bring a fully-charged handheld two-way radio with you. Then, locate a spot within the intended repeater coverage area where the highest elevation is located. This will reduce the distance the radio signals have to travel and make them more effective.


A radio repeater is a reliable communication solution for businesses and organizations that need a strong, wide-area radio signal. It can extend the range of walkie-talkies and improve call quality, enabling clear and uninterrupted communication. These devices can also help reduce the number of dropped calls and dead zones.

Radio repeaters can work with both analog and digital two-way radios. They are available in a variety of configurations, from single-site conventional systems to trunked radio networks. The type of system you choose should be based on the size and needs of your organization. The more users and locations you have, the more scalable your communications system should be.

Regardless of which communication system you choose, it’s important to provide training to your employees on how to use the device. This ensures that everyone can communicate effectively and efficiently, which will contribute to enhanced productivity.

While cellular phones are popular in today’s digital world, two-way radios remain one of the most trusted methods of organization-wide communication. With their ability to send messages between multiple people simultaneously and a large coverage area, these devices are valuable tools for businesses and public service agencies. Choosing the right radios and deploying them in conjunction with repeaters and other network equipment is essential for effective communication. RCS Communications provides a variety of wireless solutions that will meet the needs of any organization or agency.

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