Walkie Talkie Distributor

walkie talkie distributor

Walkie Talkie Distributor

Having clear communication is essential to the success of any business. Without it, work can become chaotic and inefficient. Then there are the issues of misunderstandings, lost signals and repeated “over” transmissions.

Distributor of two-way radios for public safety, commercial & industrial use. Products include portable, mobile & base station radios with weather, shock & dust resistance.

Product Range

The range of walkie-talkie products available through a walkie talkie distributor is vast. They walkie talkie factory are used in many different industries and can help you streamline communications. Whether you’re managing a large event, working on a construction site, or ensuring public safety, these devices can help you stay connected. They are easy to use and can improve efficiency.

Typical personal two-way radios are small, often only slightly larger than a deck of cards, with buttons for changing channels and other settings on the face of the device and a short antenna mounted on top. Some models are also made of ruggedized plastic. Most models work in UHF allocations, and some (notably amateur HTs) support advanced features like CTCSS and DCS squelch codes (often marketed as “privacy codes”), voice scrambling, and trunking capability.

A few designs incorporate FM broadcast radio receivers, allowing the use of audio content from other sources such as NOAA weather channels and local AM stations. Some models, such as the Garmin Rino series, include a GPS transmitter in the same unit as an FRS/GMRS walkie-talkie, to allow digital location reporting and navigation.

Licence-free personal walkie-talkies have become very popular ABELL explosion-proof ATEX radio A600T-
because they offer walkie-talkie-like operation on licensed services (such as FRS in the US, PMR446 in Europe and Australia or UHF CB) without requiring a license or paying call charges. They are also frequently used as children’s toys because of their low cost and simple design.


The price of walkie talkies varies according to the features and specifications. These devices can be used for different purposes including business, military operations and outdoor activities. They are also popular among children. Some models are even waterproof and ideal for use on boats. Typically, these devices are simple to operate and easy to handle. They are designed to be held in one hand and can be switched between transmit and receive mode with a push of a button. The Motorola walkie-talkie is an example of a high-quality device.

The term walkie-talkie is often used synonymously with handheld radios, but the two devices differ in design and functionality. A walkie-talkie is a half-duplex communication device, meaning that only one person can speak at a time, although other people may listen. It is typically a simple transceiver with a speaker built into one end, and a microphone in the other (in some devices the speaker doubles as a microphone).

Commercial walkie-talkies are usually part of trunked radio systems that dynamically allocate radio channels for greater efficiency than traditional analog single-frequency personal communications equipment like CB radios. In addition, some cellular telephone networks offer push-to-talk services for their customers that mimic the operation of public safety-grade equipment. HAM radio enthusiasts can sometimes reprogramme their commercial walkie-talkies to operate on amateur radio frequencies, as well.

Payment Methods

Many of the radios sold in high street shops and at most other radio dealers meet the PMR446 standard. These are basic, short range walkie-talkies that can be used without a licence (though they can only use 8 channels). However, more powerful digital hand-held radios (called DMR) require a licence from Ofcom. These can communicate world-wide as long as you are in range of an amateur radio DMR repeater.

Zello’s push-to-talk walkie talkie app lives on your phone, so it’s always with you. It eliminates the need for specialized equipment and tower leases. It’s affordable, secure and crystal clear. Give your team a voice so you can get things done. It’s easy with Zello. Get started today. Try it free. No yearly fees or per-user charges.

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